KPI: Written Premium

View Live Report Need This Report? Let’s Talk Definition Industry: Insurance Key Performance Indicator (KPI): Written Premium Audience: Executive, Underwriter, Producer, Actuaries. Broad user base.

Case Study: Audibel

Audibel has relevant and timely reporting enabled by their 7 year partnership with LeapFrogBI.

Case Study: Paragon

Paragon selected LeapFrogBI to build a new data warehouse and implement a more flexible business intelligence solution.

Case Study: Ascot

Ascot uses’s    expertise to save time and empower users to obtain valuable business insights. CLIENT: INDUSTRY AND TYPE OF COMPANY: INSURANCE, CARRIER, MGA COMPANY SIZE:

A Mobile World

Recently I subscribed to Starlink, and I want to talk a little bit today about what Starlink and other advanced technology things mean to me.

Categories of Reports

Before I get into this episode, I want to apologize for missing episodes over the past few weeks. I came down with COVID and it

Estimated Effort

How To Estimate the Effort to Build Reporting Solutions I want to talk about a common challenge that we run into and that is estimating

What is Business Intelligence

This week I want to do something a little bit different. I’m heading off to another conference and I am on the road to Boston