Interactive Graph Visualizations

ETL often get so complex it is difficult to grasps all of the steps & relationships. LeapFrogBI will now autogenetic interactive component graph feature. You

Managing Data Mart Changes

One of the most important advantages to LeapFrogBI’s metadata driven data mart development platform is the ability to adjust quickly to requirement changes.  It has

Component Portability

LeapFrogBI account administrators configure project lifecycles in the project console. Each connection contains a definition for each lifecycle. After creating all of the required project

Use the Right Tool for the Job

Building a data mart can be broken down into three distinct steps. Extact data from source system Transform data to desired structure Load data into

Late Arriving Dimensions

When building a dimensional model it is critical that facts have accurate foreign keys pointing back to related dimensions.  However, there are some situations where

Add Custom Scripts to Components

Users can now add custom scripts to components. For example, add indexes or update statistics using t-sql scripts. Built components will include the provided custom

Quick Review–ACID

One of the foundation concepts that all database workers should keep in the back (or maybe front) of their mind is ACID.  This small and