Bulk Profile Upload

LeapFrogBI is a SaaS metadata driven ETL platform.  At no time does LeapFrogBI connect directly to either the source or the destination systems.  Therefore, the first step in building a data mart is to provide metadata to LeaFrogBI in the form of a profile (SSIS package).  This profile is then parsed and required information extracted.  It is this metadata that is manipulated by developers while defining a data mart using LeapFrogBI.

With the new Bulk Profile feature both the profile creation and stage component building tasks are streamlined.  A small utility can be downloaded to generate SSIS profiles based on the input configuration.  Multiple profiles (up to 50) can then be archived into a zip file and uploaded in bulk to LeapFrogBI.  Each profile will generate a stage component.


Step 1:  Go to the Stage Component Template & Click “Bulk Upload”


Step 2:  Download & Install the Profile Generator


Step 3:  Fill out the Configuration Details (template is in the install location)


Step 4:  Run the Configuration


Step 5:  Create a zip file containing up to 50 profiles


Step 6:  Upload the profiles


Step 7:  Monitor Build



The new components are now available to use as normal in LeapFrogBI!