New Dimension Template – D1004

A new dimension template, D1004, is now available. Here’s the description:


“Create a dimension using existing PSA or Transformation components as a source. All dimension attributes must be tracked SCD 0 or SCD 1. Metadata fields such as Start, End, Current, and LoadTime are not included in this template. This template also provides the ability to enable/disable preload truncate and schema management. When multiple versions of records are included in the source this template loads only the latest (current) version.”


D1004 functionality:


– No LoadTime field
– No SCD tracking fields (start, end current)
– No ability to set SCD2 attributes in UI
– Enable/Disable Preload truncate
– Enable/Disable Schema management
– SQL generated excludes SCD portion
– SQL generated selects latest version of source records when more than one version is provided


This template enables the target dimension table to meet nearly and schema definition. Simply add the fields needed to the dimension output. Additionally, this template is limited to SCD0 and SCD1 attributes and SCD tracking fields are removed.