LeapFrog the Competition


We bring the benefits of enterprise-class analytics to small and mid-sized companies everywhere.


We believe every company can afford a powerful analytics solution, and no company can afford to operate without one.

We believe analytics should be considered a business function, not an IT project. It requires ongoing attention to respond to ever-changing conditions.

We believe that well-prepared data is the most important consideration in any reporting solution. Curated data provides the most efficient, reliable and high-performance results possible.

We believe agile methodology should be the standard for all business intelligence development. Crafting analytics is an iterative process by its very nature, making agile the obvious choice.



By adapting agile for business intelligence we save time and reduce risk for our clients.


We leverage automation extensively to increase efficiency, and pass along the savings.


Every solution we design can be easily modified to accommodate your changing needs.


Paul Felix


Paul has spent his career helping organizations convert their data into something valuable. He built a deep set of analytical and technical skills while working as a business intelligence and data warehousing consultant. These experiences led Paul to develop the LeapFrogBI Platform which streamlines data preparation. He holds an MBA and a BS.  Paul enjoys doing pretty much anything outdoors.

Audrey Abbey

Senior BI Developer

Audrey has been building data warehouses and reporting solutions for the last 6 years. Prior to that she spent 20+ years in accounting and finance roles in SMBs. Having dealt with data and business processes from both sides, she has a holistic perspective on data and process challenges.


Looking to upgrade your career in business intelligence?

LeapFrogBI is always on the lookout for exceptional talent. Join our team and help us deliver enterprise-class analytics. We offer competitive compensation, nice benefits and the chance to work alongside a great group of people who are passionate about their work.

Interested candidates may send a resume and cover letter to careers@leapfrogbi.com.