We solve
data problems.

Our managed analytics services offering is ideal for growing small and mid-market companies.

Our fractional data team scales up as your needs grow or scales down as your needs change.

We build custom, integrated, business intelligence solutions that provide you with the reports you need.

Canned reports don’t solve unique business problems.

Every business has customized KPIs, but canned reports don’t speak to those KPIs. That’s why they’re called canned reports.

“The only data we had was canned reports from our operating system - generic hearing aid reports - revenue, payments, close rate - we weren't looking at the other day-to-day stuff that was unique to our business. With LeapFrogBI, we could customize KPIs that our operating system could never create.”

— Shannon Gibbons, Audibel

Manually preparing data wastes valuable time.

We know what a pain it can be to do the same task over and over again. As soon as you’re done, it’s time to do it again. And if someone asks for a different KPI, you have to rebuild the report from scratch. Nobody has time for that.

“The whole team was spending a lot of time - at least 50% of our time - on manual reporting. With LeapFrogBI, we got back 8,000 hours.”
— Robbin Bonner, Marsh & McLennan

Manual reporting leads to costly errors.

Are your reports inaccurate, late, or just unreliable? A reporting solution that is not trusted is likely leading to lost opportunities. We can help rebuild trust by delivering valid information reliably.
“LeapFrogBI helped us save money and time. We were pulling data manually with no insight. Now we are getting a clear picture, we have analysis, and know where we are spending too much time.”
— Justin Wesbrooks, Happy State Bank

BI reporting tools alone don’t always solve the problem.

Business Intelligence tools are awesome. They help us easily consume information through data visualizations. However, BI tools are not a BI solution. To achieve results, you need a reporting architecture that meets your requirements. We can deliver the results you are looking for from your BI tool.

“LeapFrogBI does so much more than reporting. It’s full cycle. Data warehousing expertise. ETL expertise. Technical expertise on all these different platforms. They bring expertise in all facets - the reporting is just the last step. LeapFrogBI helps guide discovery on our source data and how to get to a meaningful spot in our data warehouse, along with the most meaningful way to get it to the end user.”
— Justin Wesbrooks, Happy State Bank

We can help you find the diamonds in your data.

When you spend so much time in the weeds of day-to-day data grind, it’s hard to see the bigger opportunities that are hiding in your data. We have helped dozens of companies capture real value by delivering critical information in real time. We can do the same for you.

“We’ve been able to figure out if we are charging enough rate to realize our premium goals. Thanks to LeapFrogBI, we now have all the detailed data available to us and we can work with our underwriters to find the right balance when it comes to discounts and getting new customers.”

— Jennifer GRAHAM, Paragon Insurance

Our solutions pay for themselves.

BI solutions should always have a positive ROI. We can help identify the value that a well-designed BI solution can capture which must more than offset the cost of the solution. Our pricing model makes it easy; no upfront cost and no long term commitments.

“Our investment in LeapFrogBI quickly returned a profit by giving MedEx visibility into nearly $1M in annual billing opportunities that were being lost due to incomplete claims data- a problem we're now able to monitor and manage on a daily basis.”
— Chris Leonard, Vice President, MedEx
At  , our clients typically see

10x ROI within 6 months.