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Bring enterprise-class analytics to your company. We build business intelligence solutions focused on ensuring you have the information needed to make informed decisions.

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We tailor your business intelligence solution to meet your organization’s specific needs

You can focus on your core business while we ensure you have the insights needed to make informed decisions. 

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A clear picture of past performance is one of the key elements for setting a path towards future revenue growth. What teams, products and customers are trending up or down and why? These are the signals that managers need to rely on to reinforce or adjust execution.

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From revenue recognition metrics to DSO and operating expenses, everything counts towards the bottom line. Avoid surprises by seeing now what’s going to impact your cash position tomorrow.




Bring data from multiple marketing channels into one unified view. Take control and ensure you realize a return on your marketing investments.


Human Resources

Recruitment, onboarding, retention, compensation, and performance. Use data to design business processes and incentives to build and retain the best teams.

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Human Resources

Supply Chain

Coordinate and monitor vendors, suppliers, and service providers by establishing clear controls and performance criteria. Set data gathering points at the right steps in the chain and build resilience.

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Supply Chain


Get a complete picture of operations by monitoring excess inventory, cycle times, labor, and supplies. A solid data integration is the foundation for success in manufacturing.


Seamless Data
Integration Across Leading Platforms

We integrate data sources building a unified and comprehensive data environment. This integration empowers organizations to harness the full potential of their data for informed decision-making. 

“The whole team was spending a lot of time – at least 50% of our time – on manual reporting. With LeapFrogBI, we got back 8,000 hours.”


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