Quick Review–ACID

One of the foundation concepts that all database workers should keep in the back (or maybe front) of their mind is ACID.  This small and

Bulk Profile Upload

LeapFrogBI is a SaaS metadata driven ETL platform.  At no time does LeapFrogBI connect directly to either the source or the destination systems.  Therefore, the first

Fact Record Delete Component

The new f9001 component automates deletion of records from a fact table. Simply select the fact table to effect and a source to inner join

Stage Using REST API as Data Source

There is a wealth of data available via REST API much of which is publicly available.  LeapFrogBI simplifies and automates the process of extracting data from

LeapFrogBI Success Story

I get asked on occasion to quantify the efficiency that LeapFrogBI offers.  Below are a few measures that were collected on a recently completed data

Before Development Begins…

It probably goes without saying that BI and data warehouse projects can be very complex.  Taking a bottom up & agile approach breaks the larger

Multiple File Stage Made Simple

The Multi-File Stage s9600 template provides a simple method to stage many files with the same structure.  The following steps describe how to setup this component.

FTP File/s Stage – s9500

The FTP File Stage s9500 template provides a simple method to collect one or more files from an FTP server.  The following steps describe how to

Accumulated Snapshot Fact Table

When creating a model to describe a process that has a clear beginning, end, and phases in between, the accumulated snapshot fact table may be