Stage Using REST API as Data Source

There is a wealth of data available via REST API much of which is publicly available.  LeapFrogBI simplifies and automates the process of extracting data from

LeapFrogBI Success Story

I get asked on occasion to quantify the efficiency that LeapFrogBI offers.  Below are a few measures that were collected on a recently completed data

Before Development Begins…

It probably goes without saying that BI and data warehouse projects can be very complex.  Taking a bottom up & agile approach breaks the larger

Multiple File Stage Made Simple

The Multi-File Stage s9600 template provides a simple method to stage many files with the same structure.  The following steps describe how to setup this component.

FTP File/s Stage – s9500

The FTP File Stage s9500 template provides a simple method to collect one or more files from an FTP server.  The following steps describe how to

Accumulated Snapshot Fact Table

When creating a model to describe a process that has a clear beginning, end, and phases in between, the accumulated snapshot fact table may be

SSIS Package Execution Precedence

SQL Server Integration Services offers developers a powerful toolset capable of performing a wide range of integration tasks.  Data mart developers will typically design numerous