SSIS Package Execution Precedence

SQL Server Integration Services offers developers a powerful toolset capable of performing a wide range of integration tasks.  Data mart developers will typically design numerous

Deploying Component Modifications

LeapFrogBI provides a toolset that not only streamlines initial data mart deployment, but also greatly simplifies incremental modification tasks.  There are a few points that

Schema? Prefix? Both or None?

When building SQL Server data warehouses should user-defined schemas be used?  Should tables and views be prefixed?  Or, maybe we should do both.  After talking

Existing Template Source SQL

LeapFrogBI enables the use of existing tables and views.  For example; when extending an data mart there will be existing dimensions that need to be

Record DateTime Explained

When creating a PSA component, the designer is asked to assign a value to RecordDateTime.  The selected value will have implications downstream on both fact