Dirty Data

In this episode, we are going to be talking about dirty data. This is a topic that I think every company on the planet must

Do You Trust Your Reports?

I want to spend a little bit of time talking about trusting your reports. There’s really nothing more important than being able to trust your

Reportopia is Worth the Work

Today, I want to take a few minutes and talk about my last week. It was a hard week, not because anything bad happened, it

Forget About Technology

Today, I want to shift gears a little bit and talk about technology. This podcast is focused on speaking to the people building a business,

2021 Success Stories

In this episode, I want to take a minute and talk about of couple that I think have stories worth sharing. These are clients that

Three Critical Questions

Welcome to Love Your Reports. I’m Paul Felix, your host, and this is episode number four. This week, I want to continue the conversation about

Where’s the Value?

Welcome to Love Your Reports.  I’m Paul Felix, your host, and this is episode number three.  In today’s episode I want to talk about value.