Case Study: New Reporting Capabilities Help Paragon Close More Business

Paragon Insurance Holdings is a managing general agency that provides specialty insurance for specific industries, such as landscape, brewery and timber, among others. With a strong focus on partnering, the company is aware that it must provide a premium service to adequately support its retail agents, carriers and reinsurers. To help achieve that goal, Paragon decided to bolster its analytics capabilities so it could share insights with partners that could help them improve efficiency and profitability.

Despite considerable investment, previous attempts at business intelligence had proven slow and frustrating. It took months to make report enhancements, and the resulting analytics were of limited value. As a result, valuable insights remained trapped in Paragon’s data and couldn’t be accessed by analysts at Paragon or their partners.

Paragon selected LeapFrogBI to build a new data warehouse and implement a more flexible business intelligence solution.  Thanks to a proven methodology that leverages automation and agile development, LeapFrogBI had initial reports in Paragon’s hands within two months, and has continued to enhance the solution ever since.

Jennifer Graham, Paragon’s Director of Business Intelligence, describes LeapFrogBI as “personally invested” and says “they take the time to learn about what we do as a company, and how they can help us do that better.” In describing the impact on new business development, Jennifer goes on to say “When we show them the dashboard capabilities and real-time monitoring, we’re much more attractive, and that gets us more business.”