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Data Team: Build It or Buy It?

When it comes to establishing a data team, organizations face the crucial decision: build it from the ground up or buy the expertise externally. All

Data Team

Who Needs a Data Team?

Running a business is hard enough. With all the hype around information technology and how integral it is to doing anything in this world, business

No Data Warehouse? No Problem.

When developing a reporting solution there are a variety of possible solution architectures to choose from. The available architectures range in complexity and purpose, and

Can Reporting Tools Alone Solve Your Reporting Challenges?

Reporting tools have become pretty good, and companies buy them with the expectation that doing so will solve their reporting challenges. But is this really the case? Are they really up to the job? This is a conversation we have frequently with clients and we hope it may benefit you.

Top 3 Data Warehousing Mistakes

Many organizations have built data warehouses successfully, and some have failed. There’s no reason at all for you to learn the hard way. I’m going