Category: DWA Platform

Deployment Steps

STEP 1:  CREATE A BUILD Select the target lifecycle after navigating to the Deploy page & click the “Make Current” button.  The build is complete when the

Automated Precedence Solution

The precedence solution makes executing & monitoring a LeapFrogBI project deployment a simple and fast task.  To configure your project’s precedence and notification settings navigate

Generate a Date Dimension

You select the grain (Year, Quarter, Month, Day, Hour, Minute), the start and end date, and whether or not to use a smart key as

Monitoring Solution

After you deploy a LeapFrogBI project, you will need a way to monitor the load process.  The LeapFrogBI monitoring solution provides monitoring and much more

Automated Change Management

Building data marts in an agile manner often means that iterative enhancements will be deployed. Each deployment is aligned with a set of requirements which

More Precedence Options

LeapFrogBI manages the load process for each project by creating SQL Agent Jobs that are tasked with carrying out the execution process. You now have

New Bulk Profile Options

The bulk profile feature now supports two additional component types; Existing Stage and Existing Transform. At times you may need to consume data that has

New Dimension Template – D1004

A new dimension template, D1004, is now available. Here’s the description: “Create a dimension using existing PSA or Transformation components as a source. All dimension