Category: DWA Platform

Working with Spatial Data Types

If you are working with spatial data types, then it won’t be long before you learn that SSIS does not directly support geography or geometry

Snapshot Rollback

Have you ever had the need to rollback your project to a point prior to the last load process?  Well, it is easier than ever

Data Dictionary

LeapFrogBI streamlines the creation, maintenance and sharing of a data dictionary.  Simply provide a text description for components and fields online, and the rest is

Enhanced Naming Standard Support

Naming standards play an important role in ensuring that data models are easy to understand & navigate. Naming standards also simplify ongoing maintenance and knowledge

Physical Architecture Options

LeapFrogBI supports a number of physical architecture options.  Developers can select an architecture and configure each project as desired.  Keep in mind that LeapFrogBI creates

New & Improved Monitoring Reports

LeapFrogBI’s out of the box reporting just got better. Precedence reports make load execution monitoring available to anyone with a web browser. Jump straight to

Upgrading SQL Server? No Problem.

LeapFrogBI projects can deploy to all SQL Server version from 2008 through 2012 (2014 coming soon). Even better, existing projects are forward and backward compatible.

Set Project Target System

LeapFrogBI deploys to several target systems; SQL Sever 2008, SQL Server 2008R2, SQL Server 2012, and SQL Server 2014 (coming soon).  Traditionally, migrating from one