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Insurance KPI:
Written Premium

Written premium is a fundamental insurance book of business measurement. It can be used to quantify size, growth, and stability. Nearly all entities involved with a policy will use written premium to gauge performance against goals. Organizations may also use written premium to identify key influencers such as producers, underwriters, or segments such as lines of business or programs. 

Questions that this
report answers:

Is Your Book Growing? Which segment? – View your book of business on a policy effective date timeline. Search for the segments that are performing best by narrowing the scope to specific carriers, lines, programs, producers, and locations.

What is a Typical Premium Amount? – View your book s premium distribution by program & gain a clear understanding of how policies are commonly priced.

Which Carriers are Writing the Most Premium? – Program administrators are often working with multiple carriers. Viewing premium by carrier and program provides critical perspective.

Which Producers are Producing? Where? – Producers are the sales force of your business. Learn which producers are bringing in the most premium and for which segment of your book.

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