LeapFrogBI Success Story

I get asked on occasion to quantify the efficiency that LeapFrogBI offers.  Below are a few measures that were collected on a recently completed data mart project.

Developers:  2 with some data warehousing experience
LeapFrogBI Experience at Project Start:
Dimensions:  21  (11 exposed for reporting & 10 for ETL only)
Fact Tables:  6  (1 factless fact)
Secondary Loads:  9 (partial dim/fact updates)
Staged Source System Table:  37
Number of Transformation Components:  72

This project was completed in 2 weeks.  Approximately half of this time was spent on data modeling and creating data flow diagrams.  During the development process the data mart was deployed several times while making incremental improvements.  Based on past experience the development phase for a project of this size would have taken approximately 12 man weeks to complete using traditional methods.

Time Savings:  2 man weeks versus 12 = 83% Time Savings
Cost Savings at $100 per Hour:  $8,000 with LeapFrogBI versus $48,000 without = $40,000 Saved
Quality Impact:  Industry standard best practices are included in all data mart projects.

LeapFrogBI Enables Agile Data Mart Development!