Healthcare RCM Report: Aging, Collections, and Denials


Use case

This is an example of how billing and claim denials data can be integrated into a unified view of the organization’s cash trends. 

Constant monitoring of the metrics displayed on this dashboard helps the office of Finance take timely action and pre-empt any potential financial constraints. 


Which location carries the largest receivable balance? – Select a location and look for unusual relations between receivable volume and collections in that location when compared to the total and to other individual locations. 

Which payers hold the most receivables? – Click on any payer and see how the metrics vary for that selected member. 

Which locations and payers carry the most past-due balances?  – Select the 90 day aging bucket and verify how that impacts the location and the payer charts. 

How to use this dashboard 


You can hover over many chart elements, like a bar in a bar chart, to reveal additional details. 

Filter by clicking chart elements 

All of the charts on a page can also act as filters for each other. For example, click a dimension, like a location, a payor or an aging bucket, and all related charts will update automatically. To clear the filter, click the same dimension again. 

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