Loss Triangle Sample Report


  • Industry: Insurance
  • Audience: Actuaries, Finance, Claims Managers

Use case 

This Power BI report shows how claims and incurred loss data can be compiled into a central repository and displayed in a variety of visualization styles supporting decision-making by a variety of insurance business functions.  


How can historical information be used to support book profitability forecasting? – Observe how losses behave differently for each loss year.  

What patterns are observable in the curve positions ? – Note that loss curves are shifting higher every year indicating a negative trend.  

How do years differ from each other?  – In addition to shifting higher, are they also trending up faster?  

How to use this dashboard  

Move to Page 2 

Click on to the second page of the report to see claim volume information. 


You can hover over many chart elements, like a line or a columns, to reveal additional details.  

Filter by clicking chart elements  

All of the charts on a page can also act as filters for each other. For example, click a dimension, like a location, a payor or an aging bucket, and all related charts will update automatically. To clear the filter, click the same dimension again.  

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