Stage Using REST API as Data Source

There is a wealth of data available via REST API much of which is publicly available.  LeapFrogBI simplifies and automates the process of extracting data from these sources.

Step 1:  Create REST Stage

Component s9501 will create a package which will collect REST API sourced data based on a configuration file’s definitions.  Create a stage component based on s9501 & download the configuration file from the template page.  Be sure to create a file connection type component pointing to the location of the configuration file.

Step 2:  Setup Configuration

Using the downloaded configuration file supply the required values such as URI, query parameters, target location, etc..  Detailes on each field’s definition is included in the configuration file.

Step 3:  Build & Deploy

With the configuration file saved in the location defined in the REST component connection the component is ready to be built.  Once executed all definitions will be collected and acted upon.  Data is saved to files which are then available to be staged.  Consider using the multiple file stage component to further streamline the staging process.