Automated Precedence Solution

The precedence solution makes executing & monitoring a LeapFrogBI project deployment a simple and fast task.  To configure your project’s precedence and notification settings navigate to the precedence page in the deploy menu.  Detailed instructions are included on each required input.  Simply update your solution, save the settings, and your ready to build & deploy!



Job Status Legend


Quick Note on the JobStatus field in the precedence solution.  This field tracks the status of each tasks.  The following legend describes the field values.


The status of the package execution.  System Field.


0 = pending execution

1 = assigned to a worker job

2 = package is currently executing

3 = execution completed successfully

-1 = execution failed



Run Days


RunDays uses t-sql datepart weekday to determine which days the load process should run.  By default 1 equals Sunday and 7 equals Saturday.  However, the first day can be changed using SET FIRSTDAY.  Simply include the numbers representing days the load process should execute. 1234567 equals all days of the week.




Auto Fill Precedence


The “Auto Fill” button will read your project lineage and attempt to arrange all components. Always review component precedence settings after using auto fill as there are cases where the components should run in an order that is not fully defined by the lineage. Additionally, you may want to run components in parallel where auto fill defaults to serial (or visa versa).



SQL Agent Jobs


Poll – The poll job executes on a short interval (typically every 10 seconds).  On each execution, the poll job determines if a task (row in dbo.precedence) is ready to be executed.  Functional constraints defined by the precedence phase, group, series, and sequence orders are evaluated along with the status of all worker jobs.  If a tasks is functionally ready to be executed and a worker is available, then the poll job selects a worker job by updating the dbo.precedence WorkerJob field and executes the selected worker job.


Reset – The reset job begins the load process.  The reset schedule is defined in precedence settings in the LeapFrogBI Platform.  The reset job will set all tasks to a pending execution state (jobstatus = 0) if the prior load process completed successfully.  A successful load process is defined as all tasks (records in dbo.precedence) in the complete (jobstatus = 3) status.  Keep in mind that disabled tasks and tasks flagged as allowed to fail at not required to complete.


Worker – Worker jobs represent a generic worker resource.  The number of worker jobs enabled equates to the maximum number of tasks that may run in parallel.  The Poll job assigns tasks to worker jobs by updating the WorkerJob field in dbo.precedence and starting the worker job.  When the worker job starts it looks for task/s which it has been assigned and executes them in the required order.


Rollback – LeapFrogBI includes a feature called Snapshot Rollback.  When enabled, the rollback job will revert selected databases back to their status at the beginning of the latest load process.  Note that this feature uses the snapshot database feature and requires an adequate edition of SQL Server to function.

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