LeapFrogBI streamlines the creation, maintenance and sharing of a data dictionary.  Simply provide a text description for components and fields online, and the rest is automated!



Component and field descriptions will be stored in the target database as extended properties.  All extended properties will be named ”MS_Description”.  This is the same name used natively when providing descriptions via SQL Server Management Studio.  There is no dependency on LeapFrogBI after deployment, and any application capable of consuming extended properties may expose the data dictionary.




The precedence solution includes a ”DataDictionary.dtsx” package.  This package contains all of the project descriptions as well as required logic to deploy the dictionary.  The precedence solution will add a tasks to process the data dictionary which will run at the end of the initial load process (first load after deploy).  After the data dictionary task completes this precedence task will be disabled automatically.  The data dictionary task must run at the end of the load process as it requires all of the project’s target schema to be in place.


You need to expose the data dictionary, right?  LeapFrogBI has this covered as well.  The monitoring solution includes reports that make it simple to view your project data dictionary and expose this important information to any number of users.