Top 10 LeapFrogBI Enhancements of 2014 (as of May)

The LeapFrogBI platform is constantly being improved thanks largely to user feedback. Here’s a quick recap of the top 10 enhancements of 2014 that you don’t want to miss!


Faster Builds


You will soon notice that your builds are completing much faster? LeapFrogBI hardware was upgraded on May 2nd to support rising demand while offering improved performance. Builds are now processing 4 x’s faster! Like all things SaaS all you need to do is open a web browser to start reaping the benefits.



Simplified Troubleshooting

Sometimes it is useful to see the raw code that LeapFrogBI generates. There is now an indicator on the deploy page that represents the build status and serves as a link to view your raw code.



Data Dictionary

It is important to maintain a data dictionary and share this information with data consumers. LeapFrogBI automates this process. Simply provide a description for components and fields online and LeapFrogBI takes care of the rest. Your data dictionary is stored in extended properties at deploy time. Prebuilt SSRS reports make sharing easy.


Enhanced Naming Standards

Do you have a special naming convention you want to enforce? No problem. LeapFrogBI’s enhanced naming standards put you in control. Surrogate keys, foreign keys, components prefixes, etc… are fully customizable. Want to build a fact table without foreign keys or measures? No problem. That’s supported as well.



SQL Server 2014 Support

SQL Server just keeps getting better. LeapFrogBI now fully supports SQL Server 2014. Simply set your target platform, develop your project, and your build will be ready to deploy to the latest and greatest SQL Server edition. Upgrading existing project is also supported.


Improved Monitoring Solution

After building a project you probably want to monitor the load process and proactively identify upcoming issues. The prebuilt LeapFrogBI monitoring solution makes this task simple by providing a prebuilt SSRS project. Deploy the project and you will find a number of new reports that will take care of all of your monitoring needs.



Self Service Project Upgrades

No longer do you need to submit a support request to upgrade your LeapFrogBI project to a new target system. Administrators can now set the target system in a fully validated manner making the upgrade process that much simpler.


Faster Dimension Loads


Everyone is happy when the load process runs faster. Many hours of R & D go into the methods used by LeapFrogBI’s dimension load processes. As a result you now have at your fingertips an optimized dimension load template that is sure to impress. We are seeing load times that are 2 to 10 times faster in some scenarios!


Snapshot Rollbacks


Having a safety net is nearly always a good thing. With the snapshot rollback feature you can now rollback an entire load process at any time. Simply enable the snapshot rollback feature in the precedence solution settings and let LeapFrogBI handle the rest.



New Design Patterns

Dealing with source system record deletes is often problematic. Two new LeapFrogBI design patterns provide a fast and standard approach to dealing with both source system soft and hard deletes.



Thank you very much for the feedback. Keep it coming, and we will keep making agile data warehousing possible!

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