Case Study: Operational Productivity Reporting Points to Significant Revenue Opportunity for MedEx

MedEx, a leading provider of durable medical equipment and health insurance billing services, is always on the lookout for ways to improve outcomes for the patients and caregivers it serves. This dedication to quality recently led the company to invest in developing a custom reporting solution they hoped would give greater visibility into productivity and other key performance indicators.


Like many companies, MedEx was sitting on a variety of valuable data, but lacked adequate resources to access, integrate and make full use of it. The process of preparing data for reporting was slow and labor-intensive, limiting the company’s visibility into critical activities, and leaving too little time to analyze results.


MedEx chose LeapFrogBI’s unique Business Intelligence as a Service offering because it allowed them to offload the entire problem and get results quickly. Using an agile approach, LeapFrogBI was able to stand up the initial solution within two months, freeing up the MedEx team to return their focus to their core business.


In the words of MedEx Vice President Chris Leonard, “I’ve gotten about three solid business days back each month thus far to analyze the data and create action versus all of that time manipulating manual reports.” In addition, the investment in BIaaS quickly returned a profit by giving MedEx visibility into nearly one million dollars in annual billing opportunities that were being lost due to incomplete claims data — a problem they are now able to monitor and manage on a daily basis.